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Psychology of Human Growth and Development
cognitive development part 2
Psychosocial development
Development of emotions
Language development
Cognitive development part 1
Perceptual development part 2
Development of attachment
Nature versus nature
Introduction to developmental theories
Prenatal development and chromosomal abnormalities
Prenatal development and teratogens
Brain development
Motor development
Physical growth
Perceptual development

Lecture 3


Theories in developmental psychology



What is a developmental theory? what do theories do?


      provide a framework for studying and explaining a particular behavior, sets of behaviors.


      specifically organizes thoughts, statements, and ideas to explain how an individual develops all aspects of their life


Importance of theories


      Aid our understanding of stages of development.

      identify problems of  development,

      explain variation in development between individual and individual.

      framework from which to work for understanding and for doing further research.


Theoretical Divisions


1)  Grand Theories


try to explain all parts of development through the lifespan


2) Mini Theories


These theories explain only particular parts of development


3) Emergent theories


These are combinations of several mini-theories that develop into lifespan theories.


Theoretical perspectives on human development?


stage theories


divide the life span into qualitatively different segments.


incremental theories or continuous theories


suggest that the sweeping changes seen across the life span are the result of incremental advances in a person's abilities.


Grand Theories


1) Psychoanalytic theories


      Freuds Psychoanalytic Theory / Freuds Psychosexual


      Eriksons Psychosocial Theory



2) Learning Theories: Behaviourism


      Classic Conditioning - Ivan Pavlov


      Operant Conditioning - B.F. Skinner


3) Social Learning


      Bandura’s social learning theory


4) Cognitive Theories


      Piaget’s cognitive theory